Ben The Bachelor

March 5, 2012

If anyone knows how to find love, it's Ben Flajnik, this season's bachelor on The Bachelor, the show all the women in your life are probably watching tonight (it's the final episode). He had to sort through 25 beautiful women to find the woman of his dreams. Here are seven ways, according to Ben, to figure out if the potential is there for real love.

1. take them on an adrenaline date

"Obviously I can't close down streets in SF on a regular basis and take multiple women out at once, but I do feel that the interactions I have on these over the top dates are what's real. I may be on top of the Bay Bridge, but it's still just two people getting to know one another and going through experiences together. Any partner can plan an adrenaline date to really see how they can bond as a couple. It doesn't have to be climbing the Bay Bridge, but anyone can go bungee jumping or kayaking to get a thrill."

2. Be open

"I think the most important thing is to be open to finding love. If you are open to it, and your intentions are pure, then it can work."

3. Choose someone who has dealt with their hang-ups

"I do think that if someone hasn't dealt with their hang-ups or emotions effectively, it can hinder a relationship, but if you're willing to communicate with your partner and know what you want, it can work."

4. Encourage communication

"For me, the clearest sign that a woman is in love with me is that she communicates with me and tells me how she feels and really listens to me when I tell her what I'm feeling. It can make or break a relationship."

5. Your dog likes her

"Scotch [Ben's dog] likes everybody pretty much, so I don't know if I would use his judgment to make a life partner decision. If he constantly growls at the person,  though, I would have to give it some serious thought."

6. Choose someone who has life experience

"Divorce doesn't scare me off. It's a learning experience, especially if that person was young when they got married. I'm all about someone having life experience, as long as they've learned from it."

7. Make Sure She's Not Using You

"I'm all for treating a woman, but not if I feel she's taking advantage of it. Fortunately, I haven't had to deal with that too much. Most of the women I've gone out with are pretty cool and are looking for [their] counterpart, not someone to take care of them in that way."

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