Ben Simmons' Nike jersey gets ripped apart

Ben Simmons got his Nike jersey nearly torn off his body while the Philadelphia 76ers hosted the Indiana Pacers. (Getty)

This hasn’t been the best NBA season for the new Nike jerseys.

Since Nike took over as the official partner this season there have been a number of incidents where the jerseys have ripped, including LeBron James’ jersey on opening night.

And on Friday night, we got another example when Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons’ jersey basically became a cape after it tore at the seam.

Here’s another look.

Simmons was trying to complain to the refs that he got fouled by the Indiana Pacers’ Lance Stephenson while fighting under the basket for a board, but instead had to take off the ripped jersey like a cape and throw it on the floor.

Since there have been a number of these snafus, we’ll probably continue to see them.

It’s just becoming a running tally now.