Ben Stiller shares sweet childhood story about Jerry Stiller trying to catch a bike thief

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Since Jerry Stiller’s death on May 11, his son, Ben Stiller, has been sharing stories about his much-beloved father. During his appearance on Tuesday’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ben shared a touching story from his childhood about Jerry trying to retrieve a stolen bike from a thief.

When Ben was about 11 years old, he claims another boy stole his bike from New York’s Riverside Park. A few days later, while shopping for a second-hand bike with Jerry, Ben saw the thief riding his bike and alerted his father.

Jerry chased the boy several blocks and into a walk-up apartment. He told Ben to wait outside, and 10 minutes later he emerged without the bike. “He goes, ‘We're going to let him keep the bike,’” recalled Ben, “He needs it. I'll go get you another one.’”

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