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If you have children in your life then you know how long their wish lists can be at this time of year. That means you will need to start your toy shopping now! But there's no reason you can't have fun along with the kids. We've chosen this year's 10 top toys that are so fun for adults as they are for children. Oh, and many of them are on sale for Cyber Monday!

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Play-Doh Big Time Classics

Squish it, bend it, roll it: There are so many things a kid can do with a few tubs of Play-Doh, and this set includes a lot of the classic tools you might remember from your own childhood. There’s a roller to create patterns in dough, the famous extruder for making spaghetti-like stands and even a little person to fill with Play-Doh to make them grow hair (and scissors to cut it)! Your kids will love the variety of activities, now only $15 at Walmart.

$15 $30 at Walmart

Nerf Fortnite DP-E Blaster 2-pack

Sometimes you just gotta get that energy out, and what better way than with a heated Nerf battle? The large foam darts travel far but won’t do a lot of damage, and this Fortnite-themed set comes with two pistols so a child can go head-to-head with a sibling, friend or even a grownup! They might be small but still pack a punch thanks to their three-dart capacity and they look pretty cool due to their video game-stylings — and right now you can snag a pair for only $28, a 25 percent discount.

One dad had a great time using them with his family: "I was skeptical at first to purchase the Fortnite version of Nerf guns but SO glad I did! Had a blast last night with the lady and the kids! Even as an adult, Nerf wars are always a go-to! These nerf pistols are easy to load for little ones and we didn't experience a jam! Thanks Nerf!"

$28 $37 at Target

LEGO Bird of Paradise

LEGO Bird of Paradise
Kids will love building this plant, and you'll love putting it on display when they're done. (Photo: LEGO)

Adults love LEGOs too, and there are a lot of beautiful sets catered to older folks. But kids love them too, so why not make a family activity out of this lovely Bird of Paradise plant constructed entirely out of the iconic plastic blocks? Kids can learn about the intricacies of putting together more advanced LEGO kits, and parents (and grandparents) will have a lovely showpiece for their living room or den! This is set is usually a very pricey $100 but right now it’s 30 percent off — only $100 to add this one to your collection.

One grownup builder says it all: "These Lego set is beautiful. Of the 3 botanical sets so far, this is by far the best looking. The colors, the size, the vase, everything is perfect. I love Lego making sets for adults who still love Legos! More more more!"

$100 at Target

Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito Board Game
Better learn how to duck with this dodgeball-inspired card game. (Photo: Exploding Kittens)

Let’s face it, you’re probably tired of your 200th game of Candy Land and your 500th game of Monopoly, so why not mix up game night with something a little more active? This game is easy enough for even little kids to learn, but what they’ll really love is the dodgeball aspects, where they have to throw the cute little burritos at each other. Don’t worry — they’re super soft, and not messy at all. This fun family game is usually $25 but right now it’s a whopping 50 percent off, down to only $12!

One mom describes the chaos: "My daughter and I played this at a bday party earlier this year and it was getting so crazy, folks were diving and dodging. I just suggest you play in an open space and hide the valuable knickknacks and move the lamps! But it was so fun!! Gets your adrenaline pumping!!"

$25 at Target

Uno Deluxe Card Game

Uno Deluxe Card Game
Pray you don't get a draw four card in this classic family game! (Photo: Mattel)

Uno is a family classic for a reason: It’s easy enough to kids to learn, but complex to keep adults engaged… and maybe start some family rivalries in the process. Its small size makes a great stocking stuffer, but it’s also good to get one for yourself to keep around in case of a party emergency. This Deluxe version for the now 50-year-old game features an included poster showcasing the history of Uno, classic card designs and other vintage graphics — just like you remember from when you were young!

$15 at Target

Little Tikes Cook 'n Grow BBQ Grill

Little Tikes Cook 'n Grow BBQ Grill
By turning the bottom portion on its side, this toy grill can grow with your child. (Photo: Little Tykes)

It’ll be grilling season before you know it, and it can be tough to cook up delicious meats and vegetables when you’ve got kids underfoot. This Little Tykes playset lets them join in on the fun, grilling up plastic burgers and dogs for their friends and family. And, as a child gets older, you can add more height by switching the base from a horizontal to vertical layout, ensuring your kids can play with this for years to come. It’s a great investment for only $35, down from its usual $41.

One grandparent reported it was a hit with both grandkids, saying "This grill was perfect for my 3 yr old granddaughter. Her dad put it together quickly while I was there, and my granddaughter played with it the whole time. The size was perfect for her. Even her 5 yr old sister was able to play well with it — no problem with the size."

$35 $41 at Walmart

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop!

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop!
Make your kids clean on the down low with this charming broom set. (Photo: Melissa & Doug)

Little kids love to imitate the adults in their life no matter what they’re doing — even cleaning! So why not combine work and play with this kid-sized set that includes a stick broom, a dust broom and pan, a feather duster and a mop. Children will love how realistic they feel, and you’ll love how they’re teaching your child good habits they’ll use their entire lives. Right now it’s affordable at only $24, down more than 30 percent. If only adult cleaning products could be this cheap!

It has over 25,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, with this mom "blown away at the quality." She adds, "This the perfect toy for my daughter. She loves helping her mommy clean and this set is great for that. The quality is great and built with sturdy wood, soft cotton on the bristles of the broom and mop head, the stand is well built and sturdy and even the box it came in was adorable. My daughter loves this set and I recommend it as an inexpensive yet impressive gift for the little helper in your life."

$24 $36 at Amazon

Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter
You'll all scream for ice cream with this charming wooden playset. (Photo: Melissa & Doug)

One popular game with lots of little kids is shopkeeper, so why not put them in charge of selling one of their favorite foods to you: ice cream! This diminutive counter comes packaged with utensils and a variety of “scoops” of popular flavors, along with toppings to create the desserts of their dreams. This charming set normally goes for $54 but you can get one for only $33, a good price to pay to teach your kids about running a business!

One parent who gave it to their ice-cream-loving child reports, "This was a really unique toy and definitely worth it for my son's 4th birthday. He is lover of all things sweet like most kids, and loves imaginative play. [...] Love that the scooper actually picks up the pieces. There's a variety of flavors and toppings and they all stick to each other. Also love the cup or cone choices and little tongs. Everything is organized together really neatly and compactly [...] The menu is really cute and helps my son remember the flavors and toppings and encourages social interaction and imgination. We use this in conjunction with our kids cash register and have a blast serving up ice cream! My 2 year old loves it as well!"

$33 $54 at Amazon

National Geographic Telescope

National Geographic Telescope for kids
Kids will love having their own telescope to look at the sky with. (Photo: National Geographic)

One of the best parts of being a parent or grandparent is watching children discover the world. And now you can help them discover the stars with this super-affordable kid-sized telescope from National Geographic. It’s easy to put together and use, with two interchangeable lenses for viewing the planets and stars — perfect for the little explorers in your life!

One homeschooling parent was more than happy to add it to their curriculum, saying “the kids absolutely love it” and “the whole family has really enjoyed it.” And another shopper says it’s “perfect for what we wanted. It is lightweight, easy to move around and super easy to focus. We looked at the craters on the moon and couldn't be happier. Highly recommend this!”

$40 at Target

SOLD OUT: LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll

Kids love LEGOs, and kids love toy cars — why not combine the two with this kit that includes all kinds of wheels so they can build the vehicle of their dreams? Tires, wagon wheels and even little tiny skateboard rollers are represented here, with a huge assortment of bright pieces so boys and girls can build everything from classic cars to campers! And right now this set is $5 off at Walmart, with 442 pieces for only $25.

One mother got this for her six-year-old, who "absolutely loves having so options for building things with wheels. He has gone by the book, web and even his own creations. Great set for any little boy." And one child told his grandmother he was "gonna build lots of cool stuff with wheels!"

$17 $20 at Walmart

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