The best films on TV: Thursday, 7 May

Ben Dadds
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The Cotton Club, Hunt For The Wilderpeople, Sorcerer.
The Cotton Club, Hunt For The Wilderpeople, Sorcerer.

There’s an utterly affecting bittersweet kiwi comedy, some jazz era glitz and glamour, and a load of nerve-shredding jungle thrills today as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Thursday, 7 May.

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Dirty jokes, hidden guns and an epic body count as a man in black seeks vengeance in drug run backwater. Robert Rodriguez’s career-making action adventure Desperado 8:00pm Sony Movies Action

Bad egg and reluctant foster father trek though bush in Taika Waititi’s exquisitely amusing and idiosyncratic majestical gem Hunt for the Wilderpeople 9:00pm Film 4

Musicians, singers and dancers mingle with Harlem’s gangsters in Francis Ford Coppola’s stellar casted, atmospheric love letter to jazz era grim and glamour The Cotton Club 9:00pm Talking Pictures TV

Fiscally ruined everyman Jack O’Connell takes TV stocks tipster hostage in Jodie Foster’s taut Wall Street thriller Money Monster 10:55pm Sony Movies

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Risk averse girl participates in dark-web game of death and dare: WuTang-ing, blindfolded motor-biking, vertigo inducing nocturnal neon thriller Nerve 11:05pm Film 4

Sorcerer, poster, US poster art, 1977. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)
Sorcerer, poster, US poster art, 1977. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Absconded criminal misfits drive volatile consignments of dynamite through treacherous jungle in nerve shredding wonder Sorcerer 00:55am Film 4

Three disparate individuals are unknowingly tied together by fate in heart-breaking, non linear, complex-character drama 21 Grams 1:00am Sony Movies

Sisterly rivalry runs rife as team of female baseballers shatter gender expectations in sporting drama A League of Their Own 3:30am Sony Movies

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