The Best Memes of 2024 (So Far)

a few 40oz 'quenchers', the stanley insulated steel tumblers, remain at a target store
The Best Memes of 2024 (So Far)Brian van der Brug - Getty Images

Memes aren’t just dubious Internet artifacts. They’re measures of the passage of time. Once upon a time, a piano-playing cat was all we could think about—at least until we couldn't decide whether a dress was white and gold or black and blue. Now, we're all obsessed with Stanley cups and Josh Cellars wine. Life comes at you fast!

What I’m trying to say is: anything can happen these days, dear reader, and current events range from the depressing to the surreal. Thankfully, memes are here to help us make sense of it all—and have a laugh or two while we're at it. Here are the best memes of the year so far, from Naked Bass Pro Shops Man to the real test of your relationship.

Give Me a Stanley Cup or Give Me Death

I'll admit: I didn't know what a Stanley cup was until this month. And it nearly goes without saying, but if you're thinking about the NHL trophy, you're wrong. It's a literal cup, you know, for drinking water and whatnot. For some reason, a group of suburbanites went absolutely bonkers for limited-edition Valentine's Day Stanley cups at Target, causing an all-out brawl—the sights of which we haven't seen since aughts-era Black Fridays.

Naked Bass Pro Shops Man

I'm sorry to report this, but: Life isn't getting any less bizarre this year. In early January, a Florida man decided it would be a good idea to strip down to his birthday suit and take nice relaxing dip... in the aquarium at the Bass Pro Shops store. Eventually, local police caught the swimmer—and he flopped out onto the floor of the store like a fish out of water. Of course, it was all caught on video.

Selena Gomez Gossips at the Golden Globes

Say that three times fast! The 81st Golden Globes ceremony was a star-studded affair. Lily Gladstone made history as the first Indigenous woman to win a Golden Globe for her performance in Killers of the Flower Moon. Selena Gomez also made history... by whispering some explosive (we have a hunch!) gossip to Taylor Swift. The Internet went a little too wild trying to decipher what she was saying.

Emma Stone Wins at the Golden Globes

Jo Koy's monologue would've been the easy inclusion here, but we'll leave the man alone. How about Emma Stone walking up to claim her award for Best Female Actor in a Comedy or Musical? See for yourself:

Pass the Josh!

Relaxing with a nice bottle of wine? It's a universal experience, sure. But when one Twitter user suggested that sommeliers try Josh Cellars wine, a meme was born. Behold:

Would You Peel an Orange?

Don't ask questions. Just know this: The following trend originally started as a TikTok, where a woman explained that little things—like asking your partner to peel an orange for you—are a good barometer to test your relationship. Dubious dating advice! But it made for some damn good memes.

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