The best part of the Chiefs at the Super Bowl? We won’t have to listen to Tony Romo | Opinion

Michael Ainsworth/Associated Press file photo

Just cork it

I’m so relieved that Fox will broadcast the 2023 Super Bowl. I don’t think I could have handled listening to Tony Romo of CBS give analysis for one more game. He vacillates from one play to another. First he’s certain Joe Burrow and the Bengals are going to the Super Bowl, and the next play he’s all about the Chiefs.

Fox announcers, just call the game and limit your personal opinions — especially if those opinions are unfounded.

Go Chiefs!

- Ellen McAndrews, Lenexa

I can’t wait

I am a 76-year-old Kansas City native and lifelong Chiefs fan who had season tickets to the Chiefs’ very first season. I now happen to live 10 minutes from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, where they will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. It’s safe to say I’m over the moon.

I have fond memories of my late parents and aunts and uncles sharing personal stories about Chiefs players they befriended back in the Len Dawson era. In fact, one of my uncles worked with Lenny in his pre-broadcast days. It was commonplace back then to interact with players throughout the community. (I still have some of their autographs tucked away.)

If you travel here for the big game and see an old guy wearing bright-red Chiefs togs driving a royal-blue Toyota Matrix with Chiefs and Kansas City Royals stickers all over, be sure to honk and give me a wave. I’ll know who you are. (Full disclosure: I’m also a die-hard Royals fan and have had spring training season tickets for years. Don’t get me started.)

- Greg Joseph, Sun City, Arizona

Don’t overreact

As an aging Black man, I have certainly seen my share of police misconduct over the years. In fact, I could fill this letter with personal examples that would explain why I should feel justified in mistrusting all cops — but that’s not the purpose of this letter.

With the country on edge because of the killing of yet another Black man by overzealous cops, I wish to urge those who would resort to violence to express their anger to stop and think before they act. (Jan. 30, 2A, “Tyre Nichols case revives calls for change in police culture”) I feel for good cops who have worked tirelessly on a daily basis to establish a rapport with the communities they serve, only to have their efforts set back by cops like those in Memphis.

I’ve worked past my anger and mistrust of all police officers and have learned to focus on understanding that we need the good ones more than ever now. After all, the alternative is anarchy.

- Eddie Clay, Grandview

Follow the story

The Star, like many newspapers, has experienced hard times in recent years. I haven’t been a fan of The Star for a few years for a number of reasons. But I have to acknowledge that the recent report on the fiasco over bidding for the contract to design and build the new terminal at Kansas City International Airport represents a monumental achievement in journalism. (Jan. 26, 1A, “The secret $62M legal fight over Kansas City airport”) Without this article, this insight into corrupt politics would have gone unreported. The final chapter isn’t over, but high accolades to The Star for great reporting.

Will the culprits in this legal debacle face the consequences that they deserve? We shall see. In the meantime, stay on the case, Kansas City Star.

Well done.

- Robert J. Meegan, Overland Park

Thought through

Amendment 3, the initiative legalizing marijuana in Missouri that a solid majority of voters passed in November, is one of the best such laws in the nation.

Contrary to what some seem to believe, municipal courts are subdivisions of the circuit courts in Missouri. (Jan. 20, 8A, Letters) When the amendment mandates that the circuit courts expunge marijuana offenses, that is understood by attorneys to include the subdivisions of the circuit court, including municipal courts.

A great deal of thought and discussion went into the drafting of Amendment 3. It is an example of the Missouri initiative process at its best.

- Dan Viets, Missouri NORML, Columbia