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Just a very large list of the best summer dresses to grab on sale right now

Hello! I’d like to remind everyone that summer technically ends in late September. We’re talking forecasts with numbers in the high 80s, folks. So, yes, you could start to get into that fall spirit and fill your wardrobe with every cable knit sweater you can find. Or, you can savor every last warm weather day we have left. The choice is technically yours, but I’m going to strongly suggest you choose the latter.

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If we really think about it, isn’t it just a little bit crazy to pray away the days of not needing a coat? The days when we can throw on a little sundress and call it a day? I say we all need to just regroup and live in the moment, and the perfect way to do that is to pause the spooky season talk and buy approximately 872 summer dresses on sale. (Give or take.)

After all, there are still lots of rooftop parties, casual strolls and warm weather workdays to look gorg for. Why not give your summer closet one last hurrah? Plus, all of the options below are on sale, so…

Is this not the perfect summer dinner party dress? The shape is super simple, but the color and the strappy back details add so much!

$46 at Princes Polly

Dressing for work when it's hot out is so much easier when your closet is stocked with cute, breezy midi dresses — and it stays hot until October! This one is very Lana Del Rey and will likely have everyone in the office thinking about how mysteriously perfect you are.

$59 at Nordstrom

Do I really need to say anything here? A long-sleeve, maxi crochet dress just feels effortless but so put-together, and I adore the chunky sandal pairing. I also love that it’s nearly 40% off.

$58 at ASOS

I will always advocate for an airy mini dress. Always! Last-minute hang out with a friend? Running out to get groceries? No matter the occasion, you’re comfy, and you look like you tried. Win and win.

$27 at Pacsun

Never in my 2000s dreams did I think A&F would be giving the people timeless summer pieces, but here we are!!

$68 at Abercrombie & Fitch

I’m a big fan of little dresses like this for casual days or nights out. The pointelle fabric is super pretty and dainty. But the fit is, for lack of a better word, hot. A total of under $25 is also very, very hot.

$21 at Pacsun

This is one of those dresses that you can turn to for literally anything — a ride-or-die, friend for life, old-faithful kind of dress.

$27 at Nordstrom

I know it doesn’t look like it, but this dress is such a good transitional piece. You can easily wear it as a breezy sundress now. Then, throw a crewneck sweater over it for a makeshift maxi skirt moment in a few weeks.

$55 at Madewell

Like, are you kidding me?! She’s sleek, fabulous, has a bow on the front — and she’s on SALE.

$56 at Princess Polly

Just another perfect breezy mini dress!!

$30 at ASOS

Can we hear some commotion for this print? This light pink? This beyond 90s silhouette?

$40 at Pacsun

This one seems pretty simple, but the structure at the top and this dark green color are giving major sophistication.

$55 at Madewell

The mesh long sleeves on this dress definitely make it another transitional option. Plus, the adorable frill details and the $10.99 total make it kind of impossible to turn down.

$11 at H&M

Imagine pulling up to your next dinner-and-drinks situation in this. I'm serious. Imagine just how powerful you’ll feel.

$31 at H&M

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