The best worst local lawyer commercials of all time

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Ever since there have been TV commercials, it seems there’ve been lawyers staring dead-eyed into the camera trying to represent you. We scoured the internet to find some of the best worst ads from lawyers. They ranged from looking like Dr. Phil’s long-lost brother to Will Ferrell’s next character.

Some lawyers were so memorable, like Glen Lerner with his thick Boston accent, that we wished there were more of his ads.

And some, like Cellino & Barnes, have been using the same jingle so long that you find yourself mindlessly humming it for years.

But others have updated their jingle, like Richard Schwartz with his not-so-well-rhyming slow jam.

Jim Adler’s been raising his blood pressure for years by grunting that he’s the Texas Hammer, but he has added his son, also the Texas Hammer, to his ads.

But no homemade lawyer ad could top Jamie Casino’s two-minute epic 2014 commercial that was part straight-to-DVD action movie and part attempt to clear his late brother’s name.

Watch Megyn Kelly’s awkward transitions from friendly banter to awful news stories:

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