Beyoncé Has a New Set of Bangs

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Forget her new rides with Peloton (OK, maybe don't, for the sake of your fitness goals), cause Beyoncé has more big news: she debuted a new set of bangs.

In a new Instagram gallery, Beyoncé showed off sleek, straight hair in her signature honey-blonde shade, topped off with a wispy fringe. It's not a big bold set like she sported in the iconic "Telephone" music video or even like her controversial foray into super-short bang back in 2014. Instead, these are sure to be a crowd-pleaser — especially when their Instagram debut includes plenty of shimmering diamonds, a Tiffany-blue gown (probably not a coincidence), and the superstar's signature smolder.

The gallery includes multiple shots of Bey's new bangs, which are split down the middle and end at her eyelashes, softening the look and offering a few tips for anyone looking to get in on the style. The photos include glimpses at a deep-V Saint Mojavi gown with a peekaboo bra, a crystal-studded pearl-shaped mini bag, and coordinating pale blue sandals. In one image she has a leopard-lined coat slung across her shoulders.

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The high-glam look comes after a few other new shots that channel Old Hollywood in the best way. Just a few days ago, Beyonce posed in a bold green gown with a super-high slit, and before that, she stepped out in the celeb-beloved blazer-with-no-pants look. All of the looks, including today's, featured cameos from her husband, Jay-Z, who also appears alongside her in a new ad for Tiffany and Co.

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