State of the Union - live: Biden addresses US amid poor approval rating as Huckabee Sanders gives GOP response

President Joe Biden will deliver his annual State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday. The president is expected to highlight the policy and legislative successes of his administration’s first two years, and to make an implicit campaign pitch as Mr Biden weighs whether to launch another run for the White House in 2024.

Despite Mr Biden’s success during the 2022 midterm elections – where Democrats actually picked up a seat in the Senate and staved off a red wave in the House of Representatives – polls continue to show the nation is ready less than excited about the prospect of another term for the incumbent.

The president will also likely tout the recent positive economic news following stronger-than-expected job growth in January, as well as moderating inflation. National Economic Director Brian Deese told reporters that Mr Biden will highlight his economic policies as an “area of contrast” with the GOP.

Biden aims to sway a sceptical nation at State of the Union as polls show him under water

22:17 , Andrew Feinberg

When President Joe Biden delivers his second State of the Union address to a packed House of Representatives chamber on Tuesday, it will be his last chance to sell his message — and his imminent candidacy for reelection — to an American public that has proven stubbornly immune to his charm offensives.

Although Mr Biden’s Democratic allies fared far better in last year’s midterm elections than expected of an incumbent president’s party by picking up a Senate seat and losing their House majority by just a handful of seats, the 46th president remains under water in most major opinion polls.

An ABC News / Washington Post poll of 1,003 adults taken at the end of last month showed just 42 per cent of respondents approve of his performance, with a majority of Americans — 53 per cent — saying they either “strongly” or “somewhat” disapprove of how Mr Biden has conducted himself in office.

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Biden aims to sway a sceptical nation as polls show him under water