'The Big Sick' exclusive deleted scene: Saving lives — and killing time — at the hospital

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Tension runs high in hospital waiting rooms under the best of circumstances. In the worst case scenario, sitting in one feels like being trapped in purgatory. And the circumstances are pretty awful for Kumail Nanjiani in The Big Sick, the hit autobiographical romantic comedy based on the Silicon Valley co-star’s own romance with his real-life wife, Emily V. Gordon (played by Zoe Kazan in the film). After a lung infection requires that his on-again, now-off-again girlfriend be put in a medically induced coma, Kumail and Emily’s parents, Terry and Beth (played by Ray Romano and Holly Hunter), spend many awkward hours together — and yet strictly apart — in a hospital waiting room hoping to hear more about her condition. In a deleted scene from the film, debuting exclusively at Yahoo Entertainment (watch it above), we see exactly how they pass all that time while studiously avoiding acknowledging each other.

Kumail’s waiting strategy involves watching whatever random shows happen to be on the TV, and sharing his vending machine chips with strangers. Terry, on the other hand, tries to get to know his neighbors, and in the process scores some helpful hospital advice from a waiting room mainstay named Leonard. “Here’s a tip: Taco Tuesday is coming up. And if you want to work that off, the gym is down on the fourth floor. So I’m told.” The upside to working out in a hospital gym? If you get injured, you don’t have to travel very far to see a doctor.

The Big Sick arrives on Blu-ray and DVD today (Sept. 19) following a successful summer theatrical run.

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