Bill Belichick is so confident that he's spending his pre-Super Bowl Thursday at an NBA game

Question: How confident is Bill Belichick ahead of the Super Bowl?


New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick sitting courtside at Thursday’s NBA game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Milwaukee Bucks in Minneapolis.

Yes, that’s Belichick sitting courtside at a Minnesota Timberwolves game. Yes, that picture was taken less than 72 hours before his New England Patriots will take the field at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Sunday.

Belichick is SO concerned about the Philadelphia Eagles’ pass rush that he’s spending his Thursday evening of Super Bowl week enjoying an NBA game. (In other words, he’s not concerned at all.)

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In all seriousness … yes, of course Belichick is confident. After all, he’s been to and won many Super Bowls before. But what he chooses to do with his Thursday evening doesn’t tell us much about how he’s feeling. He’s had the extra week to prepare. At this point, he’s likely done most of what he can do to get his team ready. So stress relief and relaxation are probably just as important.

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But we very much look forward to Philadelphians throwing on their dog masks and screaming, SEE, THE PATRIOTS AREN’T TAKING US SERIOUSLY.

And Philadelphians are surely dreaming about the SEE, BELICHICK TOOK THE GAME FOR GRANTED headlines in New England next week if the Eagles pull off the upset.