Billie Eilish Superfan Melissa McCarthy Gets Singer To Autograph Her Face At The SAG Awards

Melissa McCarthy and Billie Eilish presented the Female Actor in a Comedy Series at the SAG Awards on Saturday and starred in one of the night’s funniest moments.

McCarthy was presented as a superfan of Eilish, and the comedic actress joked about being starstruck being in the presence of Barbie’s “What Was I Made For?” singer. Eilish seemed not to remember meeting McCarthy before.

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“We’ve actually met before, but it’s OK, it doesn’t matter,” McCarthy said onstage. “I mean, why would you remember that? You shouldn’t remember. … We’ve meet twice, actually we’ve met thrice. You’ve met my daughters and one of my dogs.”

McCarthy continued, “Fun fact, since you’re asking, I also met you originally in utero because your mom was my first improv teacher. And guess who she was pregnant with? It was you.”

Eilish replied, “Wow … that’s … a lot.”

McCarthy added she was trying to be “more presenting” and trying for more “YOLO-ing” and “less FOMO-ing” and asked Eilish to sign her dress.

“No! No, I don’t want to ruin it,” Eilish said.

“Thank you for liking my choices,” McCarthy added before asking Eilish if she would sign her face.

“Oh yeah! Yeah, for sure,” Eilish agreed without hesitation, much to McCarthy’s surprise.

“Oh. OK. I thought you were going to be like, ‘I don’t want to ruin your pretty face,'” McCarthy joked.

“I don’t care,” Eilish said before proceeding to sign McCarthy’s face with a Sharpie and covering her mouth so she would stop talking.

Watch the funny moment below.

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