Billy Crystal criticizes hostless Oscars: 'not quite the results that you want'

Kylie Mar
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Billy Crystal stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, where the actor opened up about his thoughts on the Oscars going hostless again this year.

While Jimmy Kimmel has hosted the Oscars twice, in 2017 and 2018, Crystal has hosted the award show a total of nine times, second only to Bob Hope, who hosted a whopping 19 times. However, despite the fact that having a host is tradition, ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke announced just one month before the Oscars, that the 2020 award show will be going hostless for the second year in a row, and Crystal is not a fan. In fact, the actor compared the no-host show to "having a trial without witnesses. Moves faster, but not quite the result that you want."

Crystal told Kimmel that having a host is important to the show because of the tradition of it. "I always loved being out there," shared Crystal. "I loved the, I guess, the trust, you know, that the movie academy had in me to get me out there, and I felt like it was a great honor to do it. And I think that when you have a show that's as long as it is, things are going to happen. And I think the problem with the no-host thing, perhaps, is that there's not somebody out there to capitalize on that moment, like you had when the wrong Best Picture was nominated."

Crystal also shared that some of his best Oscar hosting moments were when something went wrong and, because of that, he hopes there's someone in place to be able to play up those moments. However, Kimmel is actually hoping for the opposite.

After Crystal told Kimmel, "I hope they get the right people out there in case something—" the late-night host countered, "I hope they don't. I hope it's a disaster. We have to stick together, you know what I mean? These jobs are very few."

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.

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