Billy Donovan sounds off on Bulls 3-point shooting after Nuggets loss: ‘You can’t just force that’

It’s been a rough start to the season for the Chicago Bulls. With their loss to the Denver Nuggets on Saturday night, the Bulls moved to 2-5 on the season. Heading into the year, some questioned whether or not they should hit the reset button, and from the way they’ve been playing, the answer could be yes.

One of the biggest areas of struggle for the Bulls has been three-point shooting – a trend that has continued from last season. They shot 7-of-26 (26.9%) from deep against Denver. Through seven games, the Bulls rank 26th in three-point percentage (30.4%) and 28th in three-point makes per game (9.4). However, head coach Billy Donovan isn’t going to change much.

He emphasized that the Bulls aren’t going to shoot threes just for the sake of it.

“I’m all for taking threes, but I also think they got to be the right ones at the right time by the right guys,” Donovan said after the Nuggets loss.

Donovan did admit, however, that it’s frustrating when teams are nailing all their shots and the Bulls are struggling to hit theirs.

“I think it does get a little demoralizing sometimes or deflating when teams are hopping up and just knocking shots down, and we’re getting relatively good ones, and they don’t go in. You can’t just force that,” said Donovan.

At the same time, Donovan believes the threes the Bulls are getting are good. He mentioned Zach LaVine and Coby White, in particular, who are historically good three-point shooters, noting that they will turn it around eventually.

“I think you got to have confidence that it will get better,” said Donovan.

Do the Bulls need to make a change?

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Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire