These Canadian Black Friday tech deals are better than the U.S.

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Looking for gifts ideas, deals and shopping hacks? Check out Yahoo Canada's holiday page.

Nowadays, it's not always worth it to shop Black Friday cross-border.

In years past, in an attempt to find the best Black Friday deals, you’d have to make a road trip to the U.S. to line up for door crashers. According to a Shopify report, online will see the most sales this year with 58 per cent of Canadians consumers shopping online only here at home. Consumers will spend $458 on average, with men outspending women. 

While many have made it a tradition to cross the border to hunt for the best bargains, does the trip actually yield the best deals, versus just shopping here at home or online? 

Why shopping in Canada might save you money in the long run

  1. First, consider returns and warranty should you no longer want something you purchased in the U.S. If there is a sizing issue, or a TV breaks and you need local manufacturer support, is it worth the cost of the drive back? 

  2. Next, the Canadian dollar has changed to where it’s much more costly to shop south of the border. What might have been closer to parity year ago isn’t the case anymore, so always factor the currency exchange when comparing prices. 

  3. Finally, be mindful of customs and duties. All rules still apply when returning to Canada with purchases, and the CBSA will be on the lookout. Depending on how much you spend, you may need to stay in a hotel for a couple days, incurring additional cost. 

In almost all of the below tech deals, you’ll find either the Canadian price beats or ties the American counterpart, and in all cases, when you factor in the currency exchange, you’re better off shopping north of the border to maintain warranties, ability to easily return, and save on customs.

Take a look these Canadian Black Friday tech deals, sure to beat or compare to those in the U.S., but without the drive.


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