Black teen 'too dark' for job at trendy NYC clothing store

Black teen says she was denied a job because her skin was “too dark” ( Photo via Instagram)

A black teenager is speaking out against a New York City clothing store after she was allegedly rejected from a job due to her skin colour.

Mali D’Janite says she was denied a job at Necessary Clothing because she’s “too dark.”

The 17-year-old took to social media to share her experience.

“I recently just moved back to NYC to begin my dance career but as I’m still a student, I need to work,” wrote D’Janite.

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“I came across Necessary Clothing, where the assistant manager was instantly eager to give me a job… I went back the next day with a resume and I spoke to the manager across the street whom was a dark skin African man. He read over my resume right in front of me and said ‘we’re not hiring’.”

The teen said she went back to speak to the assistant manager after. It was then she was told the store manager thought D’Janite was “too dark skin.”

Necessary Clothing store manager Samuel Osei – who is also black – denies the allegation.

“She’s my sister, why should I do that?” he said to the New York Post.

The Phoenix native filed a complaint with the company and was offered a position with the online store in Los Angeles — but she isn’t taking the opportunity.

I refuse to work for a racist brand,” said D’Janite.  

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Now, the teen is calling for justice.

“Colourism is real, especially within our own people and it’s hurtful. I deal with racism from other races, but to hear that from an African person is disgusting,” she wrote.

“I’ve never been insecure about my skin colour. I love my people and I love everything about myself. This isn’t a call for help, this is a call for justice.”

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