Blake Shelton reveals the dumbest decision he's ever made on 'The Voice'

On last week’s top 13 results show on The Voice, Team Gwen’s teen pop singer Joana Martinez, who was originally a member of Team Blake, was in the bottom three, and she barely escaped elimination. But Blake Shelton revealed this week, after hearing Joana crooning the Selena classic "Dreaming of You," he still said letting her defect to his offscreen girlfriend/onscreen rival Gwen Stefani’s team was his biggest Voice mistake ever.

“Joana, I can't think of a dumber decision I've made in the history of this show than letting you go from my team. Every week, it's not that you get better, because you've always been great — but you're just coming into your moment on this show.” 

“[Joana] she was actually perfection tonight,” said Gwen. “I was thinking, ‘Did Blake give me her as a present?’” 

Well, I don’t know if losing Joana should be Blake’s all-time biggest Voice regret. Like, what about all those times he used the word “literally” incorrectly? (Example: “You literally bludgeoned me to death with the power of your voice.”) But Joana did get back on track this week, so Gwen definitely corrected her coaching mistake with the help of the show’s viewers, who picked for the contestants’ songs this week. Gwen realized that Joana’s fans wanted to her to return to balladry (last week, Joana did the uptempo Gloria Estefan hit “Get on Your Feet,” which garnered accolades from Gloria herself but failed to garner votes), and while Joana didn’t do much to make the Selena song her own, it’s seemed to be a crowd-pleaser.