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The secret to Sharon Stone's glow? These gentle exfoliating facial pads from Bliss

Beauty trends come and go, but celebrities dishing on their favorite skin-care finds is something we don't see slowing down anytime soon. Stars like Drew Barrymore and Salma Hayek have openly named the products that help them look on-screen ready, especially as they age. Now, Sharon Stone has joined the roster. Recently, the Golden Globe–winning actress shared her simple routine — and it includes Bliss Glycolic Resurfacing Facial Pads.

Help brighten skin and smooth uneven tone with these celeb-approved facial swabs.

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"I’ve always been very, very plain. I wash my face with water, period, unless I have makeup on," Stone told Byrdie. "Then I take the makeup off, then I rewash my face with hot water, then I put on cream. I use these Bliss pads. I clean off my face, the back of my hands, my décolleté and my knees because I don’t like to have so many wrinkles around my knees."

The Bliss pads come individually packaged and contain glycolic acid, a solution known for decreasing inflammation and helping with various skin conditions. The pads promise to even out discoloration and signs of aging; they act as a gentle exfoliator for dead skin cells.

Sharon Stone and Bliss resurfacing pads
Sharon Stone likes to limit her skin-care routine to just a few simple steps, and these pads made the cut. (Photo: Getty/Amazon)

The travel-size pads also claim to reveal a brighter and smoother appearance. Don't believe it? Nearly 2,000 five-star reviewers are singing the praises of this Bliss solution.

One shopper said that using the pads results in "less redness, more even complexion and smoother skin." They also added: "I've been using these pads consistently every two to three days for a month and noticed a difference in my skin's appearance and texture. I have a lot of redness in the center of my face that's lessened since using them, and the overall tone is more even. My face feels much smoother, too."

"Good results on a budget price!" another happy customer raved. "I'm 50, very active on the trails, lots of sun exposure. So far, in a couple of weeks, I'm seeing results — slow, but I see a difference. I'm happy with this product. Easy to use. I cut it in half as the pads do have a lot of chemicals on them. Half pad covers your entire face. A little tingly, but not a big deal. Add a moisturizer after and voila! Wake up the next morning, face is brighter and smoother."

"My skin has looked better with this than Botox," a five-star reviewer shared. "I use it nightly. When I stopped, my face started getting fine lines and breaking out."

Another explained: "I'm 55 and have very oily, acne-prone skin with some fine lines. Over the years, I've tried everything to improve my skin, but these pads seem to have had the biggest effect in reducing acne breakouts and smoothing out the appearance of my complexion."

Note that a few reviewers mentioned the pads can make skin feel tingly. As with any skin-care product, be sure to test it first and pair it with a hydrating moisturizer to combat irritation.

A pack includes 15 pads that you can use whole or cut to your desired shape and size.

$17 at Amazon
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$23 at Walmart$25 at Ulta Beauty