This blogger says she was dropped from a press trip because of a photo with her 'curvy' friend

Pauline and blogger Louise Aubery. Image via Instagram/mybetter_self
Pauline and blogger Louise Aubery. Image via Instagram/mybetter_self

A French blogger is speaking out after reportedly being dropped by a brand for posting a picture to social media with her “curvy” friend.

Louise Aubery, who has more than 243,000 Instagram followers, frequently receives invitations to events from beauty and fashion brands.

But now the 21-year-old is speaking out after allegedly being uninvited to a press trip by La Charente Maritime to the L’Ile d’Oleron, due to what she believes, was a recent body positive post that didn’t “align with [the brand’s] values.”

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Aubery shared a screenshot of the rejection email during an interview with Insider which read, “Thank you for your email. Following the recent picture on your Instagram account, our client would like to cancel your participation on this journey. I am sorry, and I hope we will be able to collaborate on other agency trips.”

Image via Instagram/mybetter_self
Image via Instagram/mybetter_self

“I questioned myself,” Aubery said. “I felt a bit sad and responsible for it, and at first I did not see what they were talking about.”

The UC Berkeley student believes the brand was turned-off by a post celebrating body diversity which she shared with her friend Pauline, who herself boasts nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram. According to Aubery, many French brands avoid being associated with plus-size people.

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“It had to be because of my friend’s shape, and the fact that the client did not want to be y associated with it,” she said. “I realized that unfortunately for them, and for many companies in France, ‘plus size’ cannot be associated with wellness.”

The post Aubery believes upset the brand was originally shared after the blogger was told she didn’t have a “good body” by one of her YouTube followers.

“Let’s be clear,” Aubery wrote. “‘Good’ or ‘bad’ is just a judgement… A woman’s body is not here to seek your judgement. A woman’s body is not here to satisfy your willingness. The only person a woman’s body needs to please is herself. For her to feel good. For her to feel happy. For her to thrive.”

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Aubery says she told the brand who disinvited her that their response made her “cringe” and has since launched a campaign with the hashtag #WeWantRealness to encourage people to embrace their bodies, no matter which size.

Louise Aubery. Image via Instagram/mybetter_self
Louise Aubery. Image via Instagram/mybetter_self

“Brands today don’t want to show diversity,” Aubery told her followers. “They want polished, they want smoothed, they want edited… Well sorry, but I ain’t gonna do that. I don’t see what’s more important than helping people feeling good in their own skin. And this goes through showing REALNESS. And diversity is real. And awesome. So let’s celebrate it instead of bashing it.”

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Aubery has received support from her peers and followers, with some influencers boycotting the press trip in solidarity.

“Your posts are bold and refreshing. Never quit,” one follower wrote. “You help so many people embrace their authentic selves. If a brand or company doesn’t appreciate that, then it’s their loss.”

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