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Summer Crafts
Summer Crafts

Summer Fun

Check out three easy crafts you can do this summer! Photo credit: Ericka McConnell/Woman's Day

Whip Up a Ring-Toss Game with the Kids

Pour 1 Tbsp acrylic paint into a clean 12-oz glass soda bottle (choose one with a label that can be removed).

Roll bottle to distribute paint; invert it to allow excess to drip out. Set bottle upright and let dry. Repeat with 10 or 11 more bottles, using 3 paint colors. Arrange bottles in a fruit crate.

Loosen screw on a 3" embroidery hoop (typically $1-$3 each) and discard outer ring. Apply a dab of hot glue to outside of inner ring. Attach a piece of yarn and wrap it around the ring; cut off excess and secure end. Repeat with 11 more embroidery hoops, using 4 yarn colors.

Set up bottles and play! Photo credit: Miki Duisterhof/Woman's Day

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Update Last Year's Flip-Flops

1. Dot 6 to 7 equally spaced drops of puff paint on both straps of each rubber flip-flop. Let dry.

2. Surround each dot with 5 or 6 small drops to create a flower. Let dry completely. Photo credit: Matthew Gleason

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Make a Beach Bag-Towel Combo

1. Place a standard-size bath towel lengthwise on the floor. Place a matching hand towel on top of the bath towel's left end, so that one long edge of the hand towel meets the bath towel's short edge.

2. Sew the opposite long edge of the hand towel to the bath towel. Sew both short sides of the hand towel to the bath towel 4"-5" in from the edge.

3. At the open end of the attached towels, securely sew a 24"-25" strip of nylon webbing or sturdy ribbon to the underside of the hand towel and another to the facing side of the bath towel.

4. Flip the bag inside out and tuck the remaining length of the bath towel inside (use it to dry your hair). Photo credit: Ericka McConnell/Woman's Day

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