5 Fabulous (And Easy) Fall Decorating Tips

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By Event Stylist Katie Meyers for GalTime.com

Decorations for Fall!
Decorations for Fall!

I love the cozy feeling of fall - a season filled with chunky sweaters, crisp falling leaves, and delicious home-baked goods.

If the inviting textures and early whispers of autumn are inspiring you to mirror the change of season in your home, check out these fives fabulous (and easy!) decorating tips.

1.) Accessorize with earthy tones. This time of year, colors like gold, olive, tan and cranberry give off a comfy vibe and are easy to echo throughout your home. Try setting hurricane lanterns and pumpkins on your mantel, then layer in some fall inspired garland.

Pottery Barn Faux Mixed Leaf Garland, $29.50

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Prominently display faux berry branches or maple leaves in a vase for a rustic twist, or simply swap out a few pillows and blankets to create a whole new look.

Crate and Barrel Gabriel Grey Throw, $69.95

2.) Display natural or seasonal elements. Bring a bit of the forest indoors by showcasing items like pine cones and chestnuts. Or, better yet, take a nature walk to collect dried branches and colorful leaves. Arrange your newfound items in your entryway foyer along with fresh scented flowers to give guests a warm welcome.

3.) Infuse fresh seasonal food into your décor. Fresh fruit can double as individual place card holders or as a centerpiece for your dinner party. Try piling red delicious apples in large bowls, and then place them in the center of the table to create a stunning centerpiece. Another option - fill tall, slender glass vases a quarter of the way with cranberries and top with a candle.


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4.) Create an Autumn-inspired dining room table. Make your dinner party unforgettable with unique or festive dinnerware, which also serves as an instant conversation piece.

West Elm Owl Dessert Plates, $8

Also, take advantage of what you have around the house. Fill your wine decanter with your favorite bottle of red, and showcase the warm, fall hue on your dinner table. Or, whip up a signature cocktail, like this simple Sparkling Apple Cider to match the other colors on the table.

5.) Romanticize the upcoming chilly months by using warm candlelight. There's nothing better than the glow of flickering candles to set the scene. The ones below are $18.99 a piece and make a crackling sound as they burn, perfect if you don't have a fireplace.

WoodWick Candles, $18.99

In the mood for a DIY project? Using a hot glue gun, vertically affix cinnamon sticks or twigs to the outside of a glass candle holder, then place a votive candle inside.

Eastland Glass Votive Candle Holders, $6.99

Now that your home is decorated, it's the perfect time to start a new book over a cup of tea, or invite friends over to celebrate the magic of the season.

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