The Best Travel Gadgets Ever (Under $90!)
At Home
Gadgets can improve your trip

While you can't bring everything from home on your travels, you can cover the essentials--and then some--with these amazingly cool, useful, and compact gadgets, which improve the quality of any trip.

Universal Adapter

Plug in anything, anywhere

Anyone who travels overseas needs this compact and portable adapter, which is compatible in more than 150 countries. $25

SpareOne Emergency Phone
Ready when you need it

The only cell phone in the world powered by a AA battery can be a lifesaver when you need to make a call, but can't recharge. $52.50

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Get the shots you want--with you in them!

No need to ask strangers to take pictures of you and your travel mate anymore (or come home with lots of photos with only one of you in them) if you've got this nifty gadget, which lets you mount your camera or video camera just about anywhere you want. $19.99 - $49.99

Wireless Home Surveillance Network Camera
Watch your pets and your home from anywhere

Worried about your house or pets while you travel? Try this simple home surveillance system, which features network cameras designed to be installed by everyday people--not IT experts. Connect the camera to your existing Wi-Fi network and you can watch what's going on in your home in real time, anytime. $86.93

Bendable Flip-Flops
The ultimate carry-on shoes

Whether you need a go-to pair of shoes stashed in your purse to relieve aching feet from heels on-the-go or comfy alternatives for when you hop on the plane or train or just get a pedicure, these compact, folding shoes are genius. $15

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Sony MDR-NC7 Noise-Cancelling Stereo Headphones
Hear only what you want to hear

With terrific sound quality, active noise cancellation, swivel earcups and a foldable design, these affordable, quality headphones guarantee you won't have to listen to the screaming baby all through your flights. Bonus: A dual-plug airplane adapter is included for connecting to in-flight entertainment systems. $43.95

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