Forget the Fridge: 7 Creative Ways to Display Your Kid's Artwork
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Create your own at-home art gallery

When I was growing up, my parents relied on one tried-and true-method for displaying our masterpieces: the refrigerator. They didn't discriminate based on quality - my gallery-worthy ballerinas hung next to my little brothers' one-star Ninja Turtle knock-offs.

Or so I choose to believe.

After a while the fridge would be covered in fourteen layers of magazine collages and cotton-ball sheep, and in a manic cleaning frenzy one day all of that fine artwork would end up in the trash and the Brown Family Art Gallery would be wiped clean just in time for a new installation.

While the fridge is the gold standard in children's art displays, there are so many other options these days.

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In my house we're only one step above the refrigerator; our kids' masterpieces end up taped to the basement door. I'm thinking about mixing it up a little and using a blank wall in our breakfast room to create a gallery of our own, one that could be changed over time and would give each child their own place of honor among their siblings.

Here's a roundup of some kids' art display options.

1. Clothespin Art Gallery
This is probably my favorite display option, because of how easy it would be to swap out the artwork. It also requires minimal supplies and effort, which is always a plus. Plus, you could paint or decorate the clothespins to dress them up and suit your home's personal style.
Make your own clothespin art gallery

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2. Rubber Band Display Board

This hand-made display board protects your toddler's masterpieces without damaging them and can be customized for any style or decorating theme. You could also make it as big or small as you like, based on how much space you have.
Make your own rubber band display board

3. Frames + Binder Clips = Easy Peasy Art Gallery
This awesome project by Less than Perfect Life of Bliss uses binder clips and hand-painted picture frames to display art projects in a really fun way. Your kids will love how professional their art looks in this beautiful at-home art gallery.
Make your own art gallery

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4. Yard Stick Display

I love this preschool art display because it's made from items you're likely to have in your home already. This one's great because items can easily be replaced or added to.
Make your own yardstick display

5. Hand Stamped for a Special Spot

This hand stamped display clip allows parents to show off toddler art in a special way, and would be great to show off your favorite piece in an office or the entryway of a home.
Get a hand-stamped clip

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6. It's Hip to be Square

Especially when it comes to showing off your kiddo's art. This is an acrylic frame that uses magnets to easily change out and display art projects.
Get this frame

7. Vinyl Frame Gallery

Stick-on vinyl frames create a sophisticated way to show off your child's art. The best thing about these no fuss frames is that there are no tools required and you can take them down and move them around without doing any damage to your walls!
Get these frames

- By Mary Lauren Weimer
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