Nursery Night Lights: 7 Finishing Touches that Make a Statement

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Egg Chandelier
This is a cool mobile and lighting combo that will give Baby something soothing to look at while he or she falls asleep. And it's not necessarily baby-centric, so you could hang it anywhere in your home when Baby gets a little bit older.
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Choosing the lighting for your baby's nursery is tougher than you'd think. You want something that will be soothing and comforting for your baby (and for you during those late night feedings!) and you also want something cute and fun that you won't get sick of. There are a ton of lighting options out there, but we like the idea of picking a funky, statement piece that will really make a splash in your baby's nursery. Here are 7 totally unique lighting ideas for your baby's nursery! - By Arianne Segerman


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