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By Bethany Kandel

Laundry Room Cleanup
A laundry room has a way of collecting clutter-piles of dirty clothes, random coats and boots-that can quickly become an eyesore. "I kept the door closed so I wouldn't have to look at the mess," says Jennifer, of Sandy, UT. For an affordable fix, she built shelves below the counter, then removed the doors of an underused closet and installed cubbies for each of her four kids. Finally, a coat of paint, a mirror (repurposed from her bathroom) and a chandelier (from Craigslist) brightened up the windowless space. "Now I love spending time here, even though I'm folding clothes," she says. Photo credit: David Tsay/Woman's Day

Laundry Room Cleanup

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Create Order in a Closet

Jennifer, a craft and decorating blogger (, labeled the cubbies so her kids can't pretend they don't know where stuff goes. Photo credit: David Tsay/Woman's Day

Jennifer's Tip: Assign numbers. Giving each child a numbered bin and cubby keeps things uniform. "I do call my children by their actual names," Jennifer says with a laugh.

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Corral Clutter

Junk loves to fill empty spaces, including the one under this counter. But now shelves and numbered baskets (one for each of Jennifer's childen) help laundry stay separated and out of sight. Photo credit: David Tsay/Woman's Day

Jennifer's Tip: Measure carefully. Jennifer built the shelves in the garage, then couldn't get them into the space. "I had to cut off the edges to get them to fit," she says.

Downsize Your Bottles

Bulky containers of laundry supplies are unattractive and hard to handle. So Jennifer transferred them into more manageable glass jars. The wire stand, really a serving piece, was snagged from the kitchen. Photo credit: David Tsay/Woman's Day

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Great Idea!

A shallow wall cabinet holds keys, reducing visible clutter. Photo credit: David Tsay/Woman's Day

Get the Look: Smart Storage

The beauty of baskets: Their contents can be tidy-or not. Smith & Hawken Wicker Basket with Chalkboard, $39.99; at Target stores Photo credit: David Tsay/Woman's Day

Jennifer's Tip: Think long-term. You don't need to worry about wrinkling off-season outerwear like down coats and rain jackets. Just stuff them in a basket with related gear.
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Get the Look: High Note

A nice light fixture gives a utility room character. Lourdes Petite Chandelier, $149; Photo credit: David Tsay/Woman's Day

Get the Look: Spin Cycle

Use this tray for small bottles of soap. Two-Tier Revolving Spice Rack, $29.95; Photo credit: David Tsay/Woman's Day

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Get the Look: Cute Cubbies

Kids won't have trouble hanging up their coats on a hook. Short Lockers, $175 each; Photo credit: David Tsay/Woman's Day

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