Wallpaper Decorating Made Quick and Creative

Martha Stewart
At Home

Why should your walls have all the fun? Add a burst of color and a pop of pattern to any flat surface with strategically placed wallpaper.

Wallpaper Window Shade
A length of wallpaper can turn a plain roller shade into a work of art. Show off a favorite vintage paper or a remnant. You can employ a pattern that echoes your room's motif or match it to your existing paper.

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Wallpaper Headboard
Nothing completes a lush boudoir like a fancy headboard. Make your own with this clever shortcut.

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Papered Switch Plates
Often switch plates are painted to blend with a wall, but you can make yours stand out with a DIY touch. Cover yours with extra-wide ribbon, wallpaper, sheet music, or a map of a favorite place.

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Wallpaper Sconces
Cut out a modern shape from a piece of wallpaper to highlight your sconces with easy-to-make backing plates.

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