New Ways to Use Wall Decals

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At HomeJune 14, 2012

By Woman's Day Staff

Wall Decals
Wall Decals

DIY Decor

These fun super-size stickers can stand in for pricey artwork, tricky-to-use wallpaper and even bulky furniture! Decals aren't just for walls-any smooth, dry surface (the fridge, windows, tile) is fair game. Read on to get inspired. Photo credit: Mina Javid,, Jonathan Adler

1. Dress up a small area

When every inch counts, decals add another visual layer to a room without cluttering it up. Use them as space-saving alternatives to headboards, chair rails, window moldings and large potted plants. Or apply mirrored decals, which reflect light, to make tight quarters appear spacious. Sophie Headboard, Mina Javid, from $40; Photo credit: Mina Javid
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2. Cover a big wall

When arranged in a continuous pattern, smaller decals can cover a lot of space for less money than fancy artwork and less aggravation than wallpaper. Their manageable size makes them easier to apply and, if necessary, reposition. Jonathan Adler Hollywood Decal Set, $18; Photo credit:
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3. Set the tone of your home

Quotes, quirky phrases and monograms are a great way to express your taste and personality. Choose a typeface that works with the vibe of your space: A lighthearted bubble font adds whimsy to a child's bedroom, while a delicate script echoes the formal feel of a dining room. Reach for the Stars, $8.25; Photo credit: Jonathan Adler
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Application Tips


If they've seen better days, consider applying a fresh coat of paint (wait for it to cure, about 10 days). If your walls are in good shape, simply wipe them down with a cloth soaked in soapy water. Photo credit: Thinkstock


Use painter's tape to position your decal, then take a step back to make sure it looks right. For one with strong vertical or horizontal lines, use a level to ensure your placement isn't crooked.
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Sounds like a no-brainer, but some designs require working from the center out; others need to start at the top or a corner. Find out before you begin.


If your decal moves out of position, traps an air bubble or sticks to itself during the application process, don't just rip it off! Peel it away very slowly so it doesn't warp or tear, then try again.
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It provides specific directions for removal. Plus, most decals are meant to be used more than once, and the best way to preserve their stickiness is to store them in the original liner between uses.

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