5 Sexy, Date Night Fashion Trends to Wear This Fall

Shine On: Metallic Gold
Photo by: YourTango
Shine On: Metallic Gold
This fall, regardless of whether you fancy yourself a gold or silver person, try a 24-karat look. In addition to reflecting the season's natural glow, you'll be doing something daring, which is what fall fashion is all about. Pair this look with a decided absence of jewelry to avoid an overwhelming effect, as well as saving it for more formal occasions. Too much for you already? Instead of an all-gold outfit, opt for a few gold accents instead, such as shoes, rings, eye shadow or bangles.

The leaves are turning, the air is getting cool and crisp, the grocery store is prematurely starting to stock Halloween candy ... all this can only mean one thing: Fall is here. And with the autumn come new styles, colors and beauty trends - as well as opportunities for cozy dates with your guy. Good-bye frozen margaritas, hello mulled hard apple cider. So put away your floppy sunhats and whip out those mittens - it's time to try something new for those sexy fall dates.

Written By Samantha Escobar For YourTango.com.

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