7 Fashion Trends We Hope Disappear in 2013

Ombre + Dip-Dyed Hair
Photo by: Menu de Moda
Ombre + Dip-Dyed Hair
The time has come and passed for ombre hair -- only because it was so big in 2012 that it's almost overdone. And although plenty of celebs (and non-celebs) had fun with neon dip-dyed hair (a colorful ombre, if you will), I'm hoping it's out of everyone's system by now.
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Last year brought many distinct styles with it: some good, others not so good. Platform shoes in the '60s and teased, over hair-sprayed locks in the '80s used to be popular, sure, but they no longer are acceptable. Time passes, and we move on. The same thing goes for many style choices from last year. For example, trends like over-the-top prints and neon -- yes, neon -- hair, were totally cool in 2012, but the time has now come to kiss these looks goodbye. While we're all entitled to our own style choices, I'm sure you're tired of seeing at least one of these fashion blunders I've rounded up! Click through for 7 fashion trends we hope disappear in 2013! - By Michelle Horton


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