Fashion that Makes Us Sad: Melting Tights

Joanna Douglas, Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor

Would you pay 60 bucks to look like you just peed yourself? That's what URB, the makers of Melting Tights, are hoping. For the price of an adorable and 100% urine-stain free outfit, you can now be the proud owner of hosiery that literally looks like toxic ooze is dripping down from your crotch area. And I thought flesh-toned pantyhose were scary!

These handmade tights are available in 14 styles like black, white, pastels, glitter, and a particularly frightening neon green shade. (Lavender pee stains bring new meaning to the term "happy accident.") They're created by taking normal, innocent stockings and covering them with drippy latex and baby powder.

Guys, the silver pair just sold out! This is not a joke! I guess we should be thankful they don't come in blood red?

Click over to URB for more info... at your own risk.

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