Feel No Pain: 7 Stylish Shoes that Won't Hurt Your Feet

FashionJanuary 23, 2013
Gentle Souls Bay Unique
Photo by: Gentle Souls
Gentle Souls Bay Unique
Gentle Souls is a brand I'm new to, but really, everyone should know them because they're owned by Kenneth Cole! These babies are some of my favorite finds from the brand. They're gorgeous and minimal, yet feminine and sturdy at the same time.
Get them here, $195
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Believe it or not, being en vogue doesn't have to require being in pain. When it comes to fashionable footwear in particular, this statement can hold true so long as you find the right kind of shoes. Living in New York, I walk a lot, so I've come to appreciate a good arch the way a camel may appreciate the sand. I mean, based on the fact that I can actually feel my feet at the end of the day when my shoes have good arch support, I am guessing we were meant to walk in well-made, appropriately shaped shoes! Who'd have thunk it? But unfortunately, finding footwear that's fashionable but also comfy can be a tough task. Lucky for you, I've found some shoes that fit all of my required criteria: inexpensive, comfortable yet stylish. It's true: They exist! Click through for 7 stylish shoes that won't hurt your feet! - By Natalie Holbrook


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