The First Lady's Greatest Hits: Michelle Obama's 10 Best Looks of 2012

Photo by: Rex USA
During last weekend's Kennedy Center Honors gala, MObama was a solid-gold smash in a metallic Michael Kors gown. She snuck this one in just under the wire, but it's still one of our top picks for 2012.

By Holly E. Thomas, Refinery29

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Michelle Obama is pretty darn stylish. And, fiscal cliff or not, this was at least one outstanding year in first-lady fashion. To celebrate, we've taken it upon ourselves to compile MObama's biggest style wins of 2012.

Consider this the sartorial equivalent of a "greatest hits" record - one where you want to listen to every single track. From bright pops of color to forward-thinking silhouettes, all her most rewarding risks are here. It's so good - you'll want to put this slideshow on repeat.

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