So This Happened: But Why?

Piper Weiss, Shine Staff

Shine's daily spotlight of the most jaw-dropping photo from today's news.

Why did this man and this woman dress like the love-children of Paris Hilton and Vegas Elvis and smooch next to a giant Faberge phallic symbol? That is a question for a high power.

What I can offer is an explanation on their golf clubs. (Bet that was the last thing you noticed in this photo, right?)

Today a London department store's rooftop was transformed into a miniature golf course dotted with edible candy, cakes and jellied obstacles. It was a charity event of Marie Antoinette proportions, although I'm still not clear on who it was benefiting. The event was hosted by The Pearlies, a longstanding charitable organization where members bedazzle their clothing in pearls and hold outlandish events. Yes, that's a thing that exists in England, and no I don't know why they haven't launched a Real Housewives of London, yet. Hello, Andy Cohen, do you need any more convincing?