Hot Summer Trend: Sheer Clothing

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FashionJuly 20, 2012

We know what you're thinking: I'm not wearing lingerie outside the bedroom. Luckily, the sheer summer trend is about a peek-a-boo of skin, and not an entire reveal -- way sexier in our opinion. And we've found some fabulous sheer options that allow you to show off while still covering up. The best part? You can wear this style in a multitude of ways, from a demure sheer maxi skirt to a daring sheer top with lace bandeau.

If you want to try something a little more revealing -- without feeling like a walking wardrobe malfunction -- scroll down and check out some of our ideas or click here for our picks for the best sheer fashion.

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No 1. Nude and Neon

The key to pulling off sheer maxi skirts is by wearing a knee-length slip underneath. Pair a high-waisted bright skirt with wedges (so you don't trip over the hem) and a nude crop top for sheer perfection.

No 2. Delicate Lace

A sheer lace top is very feminine, so toughen things up with frayed purple shorts and some studded embellishments. A see-through white top looks pretty with a white bra, or go for a hot pink bandeau if you're feeling bold.

No 3. Bright and Belted

When layering a sheer maxi skirt, your slip should be no longer than knee-length to keep things polished and streamlined. Remember: you might get chilly in these sheer ensembles, even in a floor-length dress. Bring a leather jacket to keep warm.

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No 4. Mixed Prints

Don't be afraid of mixing prints. Choose two patterns with at least one color in common, and break things up with a neutral belt. Add even more visual interest to a sheer top by wearing a bright bra.

No 5. All Black

Keep things monochrome with all black. Pair a sheer black top with a black bra and black skinny jeans. Add a few gold accents (like buttons or a watch) for a dressy evening outfit.

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