The Hottest Sneakers for Zumba, Running, Yoga and More!


By Jessica Conway,

Your workout is only as good as your shoes!

Whether you're going for a run on the treadmill or heading to your favorite Zumba class, different workouts require different types of traction and support for your feet.

But when it's time to pick new kicks, your first thought probably isn't "Which sneaker is best for my favorite activity?" So we asked Dana Walsh, the owner of FitCeleb, which sneaks are the best in their field!

Can I have this dance? If dance is your favorite form of exercise, why not try out the Wave Dance Sneaker by Bloch ($51). Dance fanatics will love the enhanced arch support and room to breathe - the upper part of this shoe is made of mesh. They also have a TPU spin spot on the sole to make sure you stick to the floor and turn with ease!

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If you need less arch support, check out the Ryka Downbeat sneaker. ($80) These shoes are functional and fashionable - they can easily transform from dancewear to street wear. They feature pivot support and ankle support, along with an adjustable mid-foot strap to tighten or loosen according to fit.

Ryka Downbeat

Get Ready to Zumba! If you love Zumba, then you'll love the Ryka Transition sneaker ($70), which is much lighter than the Downbeat featured above. They will feel light and breathe well. These shoes also have a pivot point for spins and turns, as well as lateral stability for all of the side-to-side movement featured in Zumba classes.

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Ryka Transition

If your feet are on the narrow side, you can also try the Nike Musique III SL ($46.99-$62.00). These sneakers are both casual and comfortable, and offer another flexible alternative for your Zumba needs. The Musiques are made of a breathable material and have a protective toe overlay. Their soles feature a rubber that will not mark gym or studio floors, as well as a medial pivot point for traction.


Into Yoga and Pilates? Though many people prefer to practice barefoot, Danskin Yoga socks ($7.67) are a great alternative. They have small grips on the bottoms so you don't slip or slide during class. After class, slip into a pair of comfy sandals, like Birkenstocks or Havianas, so your feet can relax!

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Going for a Run? The New Balance Minimus Zero ($109.99) is perfect for jogging and cross-training. The soles are lightweight, providing flexibility and cushion for your feet, while 'zero drop' helps encourage natural foot positioning. The bouncy outer soles will allow your foot to make contact with as many points on the ground as possible, while still giving you the comfort of a gym shoe.

Walk this Way! On-the-go walking shoes need to be both versatile and comfortable. Geox sneakers, covered with fabric and suede, make walking easy no matter the distance. (Below are the GEOX Snake, $110). These sneaks allow your feet to breathe from the bottom up, so you won't experience soreness after a long walk. They are also light, waterproof, and 'dressier' than your average gym sneaker.

New Balance

No matter the shoe, make sure to always try on the pair before you buy them. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a shoe salesman for help!

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