Men Twice as Likely to Buy Designer Sunglasses Than Women

Lucky Magazine

Courtesy of Ray Ban

Natalie Matthews, Lucky magazine

Getting a dude to sit through a Downton Abbey marathon might be easier than getting him to slip into a pair of Seven's or Citizen's blue jeans (we've asked).

But step into a Sunglass Hut with a boy, and odds are he'll reach for a sleek pair of Pradas while you're grabbing a sporty pair of H&Ms, flipping that gender-based affinity for high-end fashion on its head.

Or, at least, the British ones will.

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According to a new study by Mintel, U.K. men are almost twice as likely to buy designer sunglasses as women (20 percent of men vs. 11 percent of women), since to them, high quality is considered paramount when picking a pair of shades (42 percent of men vs. 28 percent of women). We'd have to imagine that logic carries over to this side of the pond, too (judging, at least, by a solid pool of guy friends and male family members). And to us, it seems like a natural consequence of something that, maybe, starts with another accessory: handbags.

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Both fashion-focused men and women may love shoes, but men don't typically carry handbags, so they look to another luxury accessory to fill that void. Meanwhile, women switch their stuff between their favorite handbags, losing their sunglasses much more often than men (speculation, not science, but I'd be willing to bet my rent money on that). And from science (or experience) we know losing a pair of Miu Mius in the shuffle of taking out your iPhone at brunch can lead to never wanting to buy sunglasses not from CVS again, and sticking to buying expensive handbags and shoes instead.

Although, if you were to buy some designer shades, we'd suggest the ones below. (With truly head-turning frames, lenses and finishing details, they won't help you go incognito, but they will justify a splurge way more than any generic-looking, high-priced sunglasses.)

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