The Most Scandalous Dresses in History

The Cut
September 10, 2012
Lil Kim
<div class="caption-credit"> Photo by: Trevor Gillespie</div><div class="caption-title">Lil Kim</div>Years before Madonna made out with Britney at the MTV Video Music Awards, Diana Ross and Lil' Kim rounded second base. The rapper's breast-baring jumpsuit, sequined pasty, and matching wig would have been scandalous enough on their own, but Ross upped the ante by copping a feel. <br> <br> See More on <br> <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="">The 50 Most Scandalous Dresses in History</a> <br>

The right dress can make a career. The wrong one can make headlines. But a scandalous dress can do both. The Cut team proves that there's often more to scandal than sex - and that there's more than one way to leave a lasting impression.

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