Mother-Daughter Duo to Pay $44 Million for Selling Fake Coach Bags Online

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In today's mother-daughter criminal news, the luxury handbag brand Coach won a $44 million dollar lawsuit against Linda and Courtney Allen for running two counterfeit bag websites: and Yikes. We say $44 million is a pretty hefty fine. As reported by WWD, a Coach representative explained they were very happy with the harsh sentence, saying, "This decision should also serve as notice to all who traffic in counterfeit goods that Coach will vigorously pursue you, and will win."

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Clearly, Coach isn't kidding around. And didn't the mother-daughter duo see this coming? (They were sued for selling counterfeit goods by Chanel in 2007.) Selling the imposter bags online is pretty much asking for a lawsuit, since it's so easy for luxury labels to track down the website's owners and slap them with a huge lawsuit. But $44 million is a lot of money -- probably more than these suburbanites can ever repay.

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Obviously, this mother-daughter duo is being held up as an example for those who sell designer fakes. It's not like the practice of selling counterfeit designer handbags is anything new. But typically these illegal transactions take place on the streets of Chinatown in New York City, not sold blatantly online.

So what do you think? Did the mother-daughter duo deserve this harsh sentence? Or is $44 million going overboard?

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