Olympic Fashion News: No More Bikinis?

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In today's Olympic fashion news, it looks like there may be fewer bikinis on the beach volleyball court. Olympic officials have ruled to change the dress code, so players are no longer required to wear bikinis. This is an effort to please nations with religious concerns about revealing clothing. But there's also a practical element to it, since London is known to get pretty chilly, even in the summertime.

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But, the U.S. volleyball team isn't ditching their beloved bikinis anytime soon. Even though it's allowed, the team announced they won't be playing in shorts because it's actually easier and more comfortable for them to play in a swimsuit. One player, Misty May-Treanor, said she prefers competing in a bikini because, "What you see is what you get -- there's no airbrushing."

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We're liking this whole relaxed attitude toward Olympic uniforms. We say it's a pretty big coup to make it to the Olympics, and so who cares whether you compete in a bikini or shorts and a T-shirt -- wear whatever is comfortable for you. But if we had amazingly toned arms, legs, and abs … well, we'd probably be out there in bikinis, too.

What do you think?
Should the U.S. Olympic team still compete in bikinis?

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