Resolve to Dress Better: 7 Fashion Flubs to Avoid in 2013
Mom Jeans
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Mom Jeans
I hate the term "mom jeans" because it gives all moms a bad rep, and they're simply not flattering -- so let's all stop wearing them. Those shapeless, baggy-on-the-rear, high-waisted pants that have come to define our sub-culture.
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Let me be honest: I don't really care what you wear. But as long as we're thinking about New Year's resolutions and fresh starts, why not resolve to put yourself a wee bit higher than the bottom of your priority list? And when you leave the house in stained sweats, athletic shoes, and a baggy T-shirt, it doesn't look like you care very much. Because you deserve to feel beautiful. You deserve to feel stylish. You deserve to care. Not sure if you've committed an act of fashion crime? Click through for 7 fashion flubs to avoid in 2013! - By Michelle Horton


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