Three Things We Loved Today: New York Fashion Week Day 1

Joanna Douglas, Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor
FashionSeptember 6, 2012

New York Fashion Week's Spring 2013 season is underway, and after covering the event 22 times I've decided it's time to cut the BS. No more lofty discussions of trends that cost hundreds of dollars and only pencil-thin models can pull off. No more roundups of collections from "cool" designers people are supposed to like but actually only make weird, ugly things (you know who you are, you scam artists!). This season I'm presenting three things I love each day. From must-have shoes and glamorous makeup, to jaw-dropping celebrity sightings and stylish 95-year-olds hitting up runway shows (I see some every season, and I adore them). Check back every day for my quick recap of three things that truly delight and inspire. And now without further ado...

1. Metallic Shoes at Rachel Comey. Sure there were bright colored dresses and some cute swimsuits with cutouts, but I'll be honest without you: I barely noticed the clothing. I am obsessed with Rachel Comey footwear so my eyeballs were fixated on model feet for the entire presentation. These mirrored blue sandals? Oh yes, they will be mine.

2. "Brigette Bardot on holiday." That's how the Kérastase hair stylist described this side-swept-bangs-and-headband look. Also: is there a woman alive that doesn't want to be Bardot on holiday? I'll take it! MAC makeup artists enhanced the look with bedroom eyes (read: a lot of eyeliner and mascara) and an orangey lip to match the dresses.

3. This brocade short suit at Erin Fetherston. You'd think a matchy-matchy patterned metallic suit would look tacky or weird, but the way it's styled looks so modern and cool to me. Really though, I just want the blazer, which I'd wear every day with everything.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Three Things I Love, and don't forget to follow my daily antics via

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