How Young is Too Young for High Heels?

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It's called the Suri Cruise effect. Little girls wearing high heels -- and we're not just talking about playing in mom's closet. Now, it seems like designers have caught on to this unsettling trend, making heels (as high as three inches) for kids as young as six. Michael Kors offers several heels for tots, including three-inch espadrilles for $74, and a two-inch glitter heel for $66. And before you write this off as a rich-kid phenomenon, know that other moderately priced stores have jumped on the bandwagon.

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Target is currently selling a two-inch espadrille for $20, while Jessica Simpson Kids and Kenneth Cole Kids also make heels for little ones. And while we're a little (OK, a lot) disturbed about this "growing up too fast" trend, there are actually real health problems that come with kids tottering on unstable shoes. Doctors say they not only damage feet and posture, but they can also cause certain leg muscles to shorten and others to lengthen abnormally.

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Now we want to know: Are you disturbed by this trend? And how young is too young for high heels? Leave your comments below.

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