10 Ways to Avoid Snacking While Cooking

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of you will be spending endless hours preparing for the big feast. Did you realize you could realistically add 400 calories to your day by simply taste-testing? Ouch! Here are my favorite tips to prepare a fabulous meal without consuming too many mindless calories.

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Top 10 tips to help you avoid 'noshing' while cooking:

1. Brush your teeth before your start. Having that fresh mouth feel helps you to not taste.

2. Wear a surgical mask or a bandana (looks like your are robbing a bank) - it helps you to be more mindful while tasting.

3. Eat before you start to cook, just like going to the grocery store, you don't want to be hungry.

4. Chew sugar-free gum or suck on a hard sugar-free candy.

5. Keep a bowl of grape tomatoes nearby and nosh on those since they are so low in calories (you can use other chopped veggies if tomatoes are not your favorite).

6. Wear surgical gloves while prepping. The taste of latex is not so great and prohibits you from taking mindless tastes. Plus these gloves make it easy to cook with your hands - gotta love it!

7. Pretend like you are on "Top Chef" or some other TV food show - with the cameras rolling, you won't want to be caught licking your fingers!

8. Wear a tight pair of jeans, they will remind you not to eat. Or, try on something in your closet that is snug. It will humble you and help curb noshing.

9. Ask your significant other or one of your kids to taste for you.

10. Write down every time you taste - be accountable!

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