4 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Teen Vogue
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Find out how to reach the expert recommended ten hours of shut eye teens need every night.
by Eden Univer, Teen Vogue

1. Plan to Get in Bed Earlier

"Before school starts, slowly push your bedtime up and try waking up at the same time you will for school," suggests sleep expert Michael Breus, M.D. "I find that most teens seem to lose track of time in the evenings. Try using a tool that helps you stay on schedule. The Gear4 Renew SleepClock can send you a reminder email to get ready for bed. You can also learn more about how well you're sleeping and better understand how sleep effects your performance in everything from school to sports."
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2. Be Cautious with Caffeine
"Eliminate caffeine after two o'clock in the afternoon-this will help significantly!"

3. Take a Bath
"Consider taking a hot bubble bath about ninety minutes before bed. This will raise your core body temperature enough to signal your brain that it is time for sleep."
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4. Turn off the Technology
"Consider an electronic curfew one hour before bedtime. Turning off all electronic interaction will help reduce stress."

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