7 Eating Tips to Satisfy Your Diet and Healthy Resolution

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Source: 7 Eating Tips to Satisfy Your Diet and Healthy Resolution

We asked and you voted on how you plan to make 2013 the best year yet. From fitting into those skinny jeans to finding new ways to manage stress, you're not alone. Tallying up the votes, we found a top priority for many FitSugar readers is to eat healthier - we want to help! Although the idea of a total kitchen revamp can seem overwhelming, making healthy choices doesn't have to feel like moving mountains. Simple adjustments here and there like eating breakfast (a must) and giving your food a spicy kick can make all the difference for the New Year and the new you.

  • Go For Grains : You don't have to give up carbs to eat healthy, you just have to choose the right ones. Grains are loaded with nutrition and can be served up in a variety of ways. Use this guide to see how your favorite grains measure up to find a new favorite for dinner tonight!
  • Add Veggies to Every Meal: An easy weight-loss tip is to add a vegetable to every meal. Veggies are low in calories, are high in nutrients, and will keep you feeling satisfied and full. Although breakfast and lunch may seem like a no-brainer, this guide has several ideas and recipes using veggies in every meal - even dessert!
  • Eat Breakfast : We may sound like a broken record, but eating breakfast is so important - especially if you're after a healthy 2013. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and ensures you don't overeat later. Starting the day off with a healthy meal will make it easier to make smart choices for lunch and dinner.
  • Don't Forget to Snack : Healthy snacks are a good thing and will prevent you from overindulging come mealtime. Swap out the candy bar for homemade granola, or keep fruit bars in your gym bag for a low-calorie energy boost.
  • Add Spices : You can make your food tastier and healthier by adding spices. Spices have several benefits like speeding up your metabolism and creating a sensation of fullness. Try adding a simple combination of spices to protein or in a dip for your afternoon snack.
  • Shop Smart : Rethink how you shop for groceries by sticking to the perimeter of your local market. By shopping only where the freshest foods are stocked, your can resist unhealthy, overprocessed foods and easily stick to your resolution.
  • Rethink Your Toppings : Your favorite salad may seem healthy, but it could secretly be loaded with calories and diet-busting toppings. Without compromising on taste, simply swap out the dried fruit and croutons for fresh fruit and lean protein.

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