Staying Committed to Your Exercise Routine: 7 Tips from a Celebrity Trainer
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Celebrity Trainer Derek DeGrazio

Take a long, hard look at my friend Derek DeGrazio. Amazing, right? This is a man who knows a thing or two about eating right and exercising. If you don't believe me, just look at him again. He is a celebrity trainer who means business. I talked with Derek about how the gyms are all packed in January, but that the majority of people peter out come February 1st. But let me tell you a little secret - none of Derek's clients stray. WHY? I asked Derek to share some of his secrets with me. Listen to D and you, too, will look awesome in an unzipped hoodie. For real.

1. Commit 100%
Set challenging but attainable goals and stay committed to meeting them. Not 99%. 100%.

2. Add a new fitness related activity to your life
Hiking. Aerobics. Dancing. Stripper Pole Class. Find an active hobby that interests you and throw yourself into it! You'll be having fun and exercising at the same time!

3. Strength train 3-4x a week
Sure, cardio helps you drop pounds, but nothing builds muscle like strength training. Remember to stretch after each workout!

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4. Do cardio first thing in the morning

Set your alarm 30 minutes early. Get up. Run/Walk/Skip/Hop. Just move.

5. Get rid of junk food in the house
All of it. Replace with healthy options. Trust me, when it's not readily available, you'll find that you don't even miss your favorite junk food.

6. Join a gym
Preferably one with fun classses that interest you. Find a workout buddy/group -- someone who will keep you accountable. You'll find it's a lot harder to skip workouts when someone's counting on you to be there.

7. Visualize the body you want
Think about it everyday. See yourself succeeding and you will!

- By Eva Glettner

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