7 Little Things to Do for a Healthy Heart

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Photo by: Rene Syler
Control Your Weight
As we age, the weight we gain tends to be more fat than muscle which allows other unhealthy conditions, like high blood pressure and cholesterol to get a foothold.
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I remember the moment because I felt so darn bad. I was just returning home from Colorado, where I had been shooting my TV show and I felt just awful. Stepping on the scale confirmed the one glaring fact -- I weighed too much. I had been able to conceal it from myself with slightly bigger clothes and artful cropping of photos. You know who wasn't buying it? My heart. Breathing was getting difficult. The extra padding around my hips and waist was not doing me any favors. I didn't like the way I looked. I remembered how heart disease killed my father in the very decade I am now entering. Something had to change. I knew if I continued on the way I was going, this story would not have a happy ending. My situation is not unique; there are a lot of women, wives, mothers who, like me, are so busy caring for others they forget to care for themselves. So how about this? For American Heart Month, here's a quick look at 7 things you should be doing for your heart. - By Rene Syler


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