Apples Might Help Zap Fat as the New Superfruit

Vitamin G, Glamour Magazine
Healthy Living

by Sarah Jio, Glamour

A superfruit for weight loss? Experts indicate that it could be apples! And, since we all know that most people gain more weight during end of the year holidays than any other time of the year, this is news we all can use--right this second!

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Here's the details: In a study of mice, researchers at University of Iowa report that apples--which are rich in a compound called ursolic acid (found in apple skins)--may increase your body's ability to burn calories and build muscle.

So maybe for every Christmas cookie you eat, munch on an apple slice too!

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Are you a regular apple eater?

P.S. 16 percent of your calories may come from this surprising source! Experts call it "food porn" and say it may make you pack on pounds...

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